Buildsafe Construction Safety Services Inc.


Site Safety Inspections / Audits


We offer site inspections to allow owners, directors; project managers and site supervisors to determine which areas on site require improvement.

Whether your company works on; Industrial, Commercial or Residential projects we have the experience to help you ensure a safe jobsite. In our experience we have found the same class of hazards exist on all different types of jobsites.


Our first inspection includes a verification of documentation and safety items that are required to be on site during mobilization and project start up.

When we perform site inspections our priority is focused on the top killers and accident causes in construction, such as fall related accidents like; missing or inadequate guardrails or opening covers, improperly worn fall arrest equipment, unsafe scaffolds, ladder use, travel restraint systems and power elevated work platforms. Other hazards including, electrical safety, reversing vehicles with blind spots, improper material storage, unsafe trenches and excavations and items related to being struck or crushed by equipment and materials.


We always prepare a written report and take digital photos to represent unsafe conditions that supervision and management must be made aware of. We review our report with the contractors onsite representative, and leave a copy for their reference. We also forward all reports and photos to designated management as directed, by e-mail.


The time it takes to perform an inspection greatly depends on a few factors:


  • Size of the job
  • Number of workers on the job
  • Condition of the jobsite


Construction projects of more than 50 workers for a duration of more than 3 months are required by the OHSA, to establish a joint health and safety committee and there must be at least 2 certified members, one management and one worker. We can act as the management representative if you do not currently have one in place.


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