Buildsafe Construction Safety Services Inc.


Don Plumstead

Foodcon A Division of Donald T Plumstead Project Management Limited


Lou Provided a very lively and engaging presentation of what could have been a very dull book reading subject. Thoroughly enjoyed the day  and got good value. Thank You very much and please keep me posted on upcomming courses.






Jon Mandryk, Construction Superintendent

Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd, Mississauga


'I would like to thank you again for the invitation to the BuildSafe - Green Book (OHSA) training course.  I have been on other Green book training courses offered by CSAO and other independent safety consultants but I feel that the BuildSafe course was the most informative green book training course I have taken to date. The information that was provided I feel was very specific to our particular industry and well planned out without the underlying stigma of that 'this document was written by several lawyers and politicians and that it is a very difficult document to read and understand', which after taking this course is actually not the case. When taught properly how to use and understand this book it is actually very easy to navigate through it and find the proper information that I am looking for. Over all I found this course to be an extremely informative course that has helped me do my job better.'

Thank you,


'Marguerite Gosen,

Gosen Electric, Waterloo


'Well done!! Great Methods, Video Introduces the concept, then going through the instruction was very informative, illustrations brought the info home.'

Thank You,



Lynette Steer, LEED?AP, Project Coordinator, Buildings Division

Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd. Mississauga


'I did the Certified H&S Rep course about 6 years ago, and because referencing the book is not something that I do on a regular basis I found this  refresher Green Book training to be enlightening.  I think I can now find almost everything safety related in the book.

 Lou is extremely knowledgeable about Safety and other things and was very entertaining (not boring at all) and kept all of us engrossed throughout the day.  He also shared his personal Safety experiences as examples with us and this made it seem more realistic.'



Daniel Kaneff, VP Construction

Kaneff Group of Companies, Brampton


'Excellent presentation / able to maintain group attention and interest.'


Diane Atkinson

First General Services, Toronto


Extremely informative & interesting. Helpful in everyday life also.'


Joanne Bin,

Software Solutions, Toronto


'Excellent training. Valuable information. Good examples and videos.'

Thank You


Ron Grundy

G-Tel Engineering, London


'Very knowledgeable and prepared. Passion for the subject matter, very genuine and apparent. Good trainer.'


Scott Steep,

Schnarr Builders, Waterloo


'Excellent course - well recommended to others - will also follow up to take more - well presented, well delivered verbally, NOT Boring. Well done!'


Stan Sikora,

Oxford Properties, Toronto


'Lou's presentation was professionally conducted with good examples. I definitely recommend this training to the industry.'


Colin Titley

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) Nanticoke GS


'A good course to lead into the Act and Construction Regulations. Very pertinent to our work with construction contractors.'