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Searchable PDF Copy of Construction Regulations

For your convenience, we have attached a searchable PDF copy of the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Construction Regulations 213/91 current as of May 3, 2017


To Save, Either; Open the doc and save to your computer or smart phone.

Or right click and choose save target and choose your location to save.


To search the document for your safety question or issue, in acrobat reader, under edit choose 'find' or the magnifying glass for mobile apps, then type the keyword that best describes what you are looking for in the text box, and hit enter or search, hit next until you find the section you are looking for.


OHSA May 2017.pdf


Construction Regulations 213-91 May 2017.pdf


A quick 1-2 on The Act (OHSA) VS Regulations (213/91)


Remember you are looking in the Act for items that are common for all employers regardless of type of workplace. Example, H&S representatives, MOL entry rights, Violence and Harassment & Fines.


You should be looking in the regulations when it is a construction specific issue. Example, Scissor lifts, construction ladders, exavations, PPE, all construction specific issues.


The Act is the Law and the reg's are the sector specific rules.


Hopefully this helps you navigate the OHSA and construction regs a bit better  -  Lou

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Lou LeBlanc
November 22, 2017
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